I have used the term Scribe here to denote the meaning of a writer or reporter.

Jan Marshall Scribe

I’ve used it instead of writer or author for the convenience of it starting with ‘S’, and thereby making a threesome with Speaker and Survivor on my tag line.

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My current writing includes:
  • My blog on this site.  See Jan Marshall writes
  • My blog, Romance Scam Survivor.
  • Your Story – assisting people to write their life story
  • Other occasional articles:
    • The Medium Dens-itisation of our Middle Ring Suburbs.  Currently Unpublished.

See my separate page on being an author.

Hopefully there will be much more as I am finding myself compelled to write, and it gives me much joy to express my self creatively in this way.

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My older writing includes:
  • When I was aged 8 years old I won and essay writing competition in my local paper, The Heidelberger.  Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a copy.
  • In the mid 80s I was instrumental in introducing the concept of desktop publishing to the clients of the company I worked for at that time, CoCam Computer Services. The article on how to use a software package called Spellbinder to do desktop publishing was published in PATEFA.

Article: Desktop Publishing with Spellbinder
Author: Jan Marshall
PATEFA Printing Industry Quarterly, Vol 2 No 1, 1986, pg 26

spellbinder pic
A younger me in 1986 doing Desktop Publishing with a HP 150 computer.