Your Life Story in a Book

Your ghost writer is
Scribe – Jan Marshall

Engage Jan to write your story!

Jan Marshall with Cat
Jan Marshall
Based on your own words, recollections and photos
Transcribed, edited, and bound
Digitally provided on USB/CD
A gift for future generations!

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I have found my creative bent, writing – and have recently discovered the vital importance of recording and telling my own story, even the most challenging parts.

I can now make available for you a chance to use my:

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Assistance to reveal the source of your true essence for your current
    and future family to see
  • Ability to transcribe and edit your words producing a book, including
    a digital version to pass down to future generations for all time

Engage Jan

Why you want to tell your story…

For you…

  • To reflect on what has made you who you are, over the years, and record this all in one place
  • To tell something that has never been told before, and unburden yourself
  • To find your voice…
  • To define your own legacy

For your family…

  • To pass on interesting and important information to your family, by putting
    it all in one place
  • To create something in digital format, so it is available to your children and grandchildren in digital format
  • To add to family and social history
  • Download PDF Brochure!

What you get

You will receive a lovely spiral bound book, which will contain:
family-tree emptyYour key details of immediate family tree – grand/parents, siblings, and grand/children
(3/5 generations).

A timeline of your life or Transcribed and edited information that you have provided – a high level overview of your life

This book is also provided digitally on either a USB stick or CD

 Your choice to add more:

  • Life story or timeline for your partner
  • Scanned photos (batches of 6)
  • Additional information on major  incidents
  • A short (5 minute) iPhone video of you speaking about your life, or a message to your family, included on the USB stick/CD
  • Additional bound copies (batches of 5)
  • Download PDF Brochure!

Engage Jan

You Provide…

  1. Personal details for your tree
  • -Parents
  • -Siblings
  • -Children
  1. For each decade of your life, you share your recollections of:
  • Key happenings/events, that formed
    or changed you
  • The actions and people involved
    in this event
  • How these changed or influenced you
  • How does this impact who you are now
  1. Important photos, in batches of 6,
    for scanning.
  2. What additional items you will need,
    such as multiple bound copies.

How it works

I come to your house, and record
our conversations.

  1. First meeting (1 hour): Confirmation
    of personal details; agree expectations;
    book meetings; pay deposit. I provide questions to ponder.
  2. Second meeting (1 – 3 hours): We cover timeline, or decades 1 – 3/4; you give photos.
  3. Third meeting (2 – 3 hours): We cover decades 4 – 7 or more. I then prepare a book draft and provide it to you to read by the next meeting.
  4. Fourth meeting (1 hour): Identify any changes needed to the draft.
  5. Book is finalised and presented to you
    with USB/CD
    . You make final payment.
  6. Download PDF Brochure!

Packages (per person)

book image

Granit Package : 3 generation tree; life timeline

Agate Package :  5 generation tree; life story

Garnet Package : As per Agate Package; plus
6 photos; plus 5 additional books printed

Diamond Package : As per Agate Package,
plus video; plus 1 additional Major event;
plus 1 minor event [additional 1.5 hr
meeting]; plus 5 books

Additional Items  you can choose:

  • Your partner’s story;
  • batch of 6 photos;
  • batch of 5 additional books;
  • 5 min video (iPhone);
  • Timeline(s);
  • Major event (1 hour talking time);
  • Minor event (.5 hour talking time)
  • Download PDF Brochure!
  • Engage Jan